In 2012 Gérard Bertrand was named Red Winemaker of the Year after winning 46 accolades and 2 trophies for his wines.

Red Winemaker of the Year

All Gérard Bertrand wines have a common identity: they are wines expressing the South of France, balanced and elegant.

It is without a doubt this desire for quality and these exceptional terroirs which today make us a key player among fine wine, both in France and abroad, and why our wines can be found at the most star-studded occasions the world over.

With 10,000 wines from all over the world tasted by a panel of experts and a three-stage tasting process, the International Wine Challenge is the most prestigious international competition around and recognises the best wines and winemakers on the planet.

In 2012 Gérard Bertrand was named Red Winemaker of the Year after winning 46 accolades and 2 trophies for his wines.


Gérard Bertrand owns 8 winemaking estates with 470 hectares of vineyards across the best terroirs Languedoc has to offer. Each estate displays its own style, unique across the vintages. These are the stars of the Languedoc crus, mostly trailblazers, role models for their appellation. They are first and foremost ‘true’ chateaux steeped in history, whose wines regularly feature in competitions and guides. The grapes are picked by hand, yields are low, and work is done in the vineyards to allow the old vines to bloom and to ensure a diverse range of grape varieties. These estate wines are ‘hand-stitched’ by Gérard Bertrand.

Gérard Bertrand is also a partner to 40 winemaking estates in independent wineries and 10 wine cooperatives.


Named European Winery of the Year by international magazine Wine Enthusiast, the Hospitalet tasting cellar offers you a range of more than 90 flagship wines from Gérard Bertrand, the wine ambassador for the south of France.

Browse more than 400m2 of vaults, visit our storage cellars, taste the best Gérard Bertrand crus, discover oenology through our fun workshops. Our cellar staff are on hand to provide advice and offer you wines to taste.

SIAL D'OR, Innovation of the Year

Naturae was rewarded by a jury made up of 29 countries, brought together to designate the innovations of the year. A sulphite and additive-free wine, Naturae is distinguished by its maturing process, its quality, its packaging and its implantation, illustrating Gérard Bertrand's pioneering spirit. SIAL d’OR gives awards to the most innovative food-industry products every other year. In 2012, 29 countries presented nearly 300 products and... The jury unanimously selected Naturae's sulphur-free wines as the major innovation in the Wines category.

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