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Clos d'Ora

This vineyard of nine hectares enclosed by dry stone walls is located at La Livinière in the Minervois, at an altitude of 220  metres. Discovered by Gérard Bertrand in 1997, the estate has been cared for carefully until it was time to be revealed on Septembre 3rd 2014.

Here, the vine, the olive tree and the oak compose the Mediterranean trinity. In 2000 , we planted Syrah and Mourvèdre alongside the ancient Carignan and Grenache. At the highest point of the estate we renovated an old sheep farm, creating a fermenting room, a barrel cellar and also a meditation area. The fermenting room was built outdoors to favour cosmic influences. The barrel cellar radiates a strength and tranquility that are beneficial to the ageing of this wine.

At Clos d’Ora, we have opted for Biodynamic methods in working the vines, using the horse and the mule to foster connections between mineral, vegetable, animal and human.

Here, nature renders us humble and time stands still. Ora is Latin for prayer and it also signifies the link between the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, symbolised by the Visigoth cross created in Languedoc in the 7th century.

*The estate is not available for visits

 Wine is a multidimensional beverage and sometimes carries a message:
Paix, Amour, Harmonie

Gérard Bertrand


The clos d'Ora is at the convergence of two distinct terroirs - Bartonian and Lutetian - and is composed of chalk, sandstone and marl soils.

area of vines


We planted Syrah and Mourvèdre alongside the ancient Carignan and Grenache.

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