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Domaine de Villemajou

This property bought in 1970 by Georges Bertrand is also the family home where father and son shared their passion for wine for more than fifteen years. On the death of his father, Gérard Bertrand took over the reins of the business, upholding the traditions of quality and expression of terroir with a desire to create and innovate, to keep in tune with the demands of wine consumers all over the world.


The Domaine de Villemajou, situated in the inland region of the terroir of Boutenac in Corbières, is a special place for Gérard Bertrand. As the family home and estate, Villemajou is the true spearhead of the Boutenac Premier Cru appellation, a Corbières rank recognized by the INAO (Institut national des appellations d’origine – National Institute for Appellations of Origin). This estate stands out for its very old Carignan vines, a Mediterranean grape variety reinstated in the art of crafting great Languedoc wines. Vinification is particular as they often use carbonic maceration. Villemajou wines are fruity, spicy and, even when very young, they have silky and incredibly fine tannins.

The 8 hectares of plots on the Villemajou estate sit on a Miocene hilltop, in the unique place name of “La Forge”, according to the land registry. Gérard Bertrand has paid homage to his father, Georges, by enhancing the La Forge plot – an exceptional, now iconic red. La Forge, the symbol of Villemajou, was Georges Bertrand’s favorite plot. The blending of the two grape varieties, Carignan and Syrah gives this exceptional wine a lovely aromatic expression and reveals the nobility of the wine.

If Domaine de Villemajou was a colour: ochre, for the gentle warmth.

If Domaine de Villemajou was a person: a generously proportioned Mediterranean woman with lots of charm to illustrate its rounded, silky, fine tannins.

“It’s a world of roundness: the rounded pebbles on the ground, the rolling hills, the wines…” 

Richard Planas, Gérard Bertrand's Estates Director

Spearhead of the Boutenac appellation, the terroir of Villemajou is composed of pebbles. The depth of the soil allows the vines to develop long roots and resist the pressures of water deficit. The climate is hot and influenced by the Mediterranean.





The estate is mainly planted with Carignan and Syrah with some plots being over 100 years old. A typical Languedoc grape, Carignan reaches full ripeness every year.

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