Our values

Conviviality - Excellence - Authenticity - Innovation.
  • The Visigoths (the Wise Goths) were a Germanic people who migrated from the Black Sea region and settled and lived at the heart of the Western Roman Empire with which they cohabited peacefully. There are many traces of their passage in Narbonne where we can see palaces and stones engraved with the Visigoth cross, dating from the 7th century. This cross is the first version of what later became the Languedoc Cross.
  • This original and historic cross is the emblem of Gérard Bertrand wines.
  • The South of France is an adventure which we have a duty to share. The wine at the centre of it all cannot be understood without a certain philosophy of life, combining gastronomy, art and culture in the search for excellence and conviviality. Art de Vivre, the wines of the South!
  • The oval symbolises unity, infinity, perfection, eternity. The cross with its four elements and its twelve points of the zodiac represents the perfect perpetual cycle of time and nature.
  • This red colour, strong and full, is laden with symbolism: love, wealth, power, justice, the colour of life and of the divine and the present, the colour of the revolution and of transgression…For us, it represents the values of conviviality, excellence, authenticity and innovation.
  • The doves drinking from the cup represent sharing and communion.
  • Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, reflect the cycle of nature which renews itself each year.
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