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Domaine de Villemajou

Located in the Corbières appellation, the Domaine de Villemajouholds a special place in Gérard Bertrand’s heart. This estate became part of the family in 1970, purchased by his father Georges Bertrand.In this family home, father and son shared their passion for wine for more than 15 years. After the loss of his father, Gérard Bertrand took over, following in George’s footsteps and inheriting his unflinching commitment to quality and respect for the terroir. His ultimate goal is to create and innovate, living up to the expectations of wine lovers all over the world.

The exceptional soil allows the vines to develop deep roots, protecting them from the extreme Mediterranean climatic conditions (hydric stress, violent storms).

The vines are grown in compliance with the rules of sustainable agriculture set by Terra Vitis, with traceability at every level and production techniques accredited by independent inspectors.

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